Easy Quarantine Workout Routine

When I was overweight and living at home at 18, I was understandably told to stay inside the house because our neighborhood wasn’t very safe. When deciding to lose weight, I had to think of creative ways to workout at home as I was also fresh out of high school with no job. I remember running back and forth from one side of the house to the other, doing high knees and randomly dancing in my locked bathroom. So trust me when I say I completely understand the difficulties in staying fit during quarantine .

If you are having trouble with coming home with at home workouts, here are some easy ones you can use with no equipment needed.


High Knees

According to HealthLine, high knees can burn anywhere from 240-355.50 Calories in just 30 minutes. If you are only starting out, I would recommend starting on splitting it up throughout the day or within your work out.


Jumping Jacks

If you have the space, jumping jacks are pretty fun once you find a song that goes with the rhythm of your jumping. You can burn up to 138 calories per 15 minutes of jumping jacks for someone who weighs 150 lbs. Figure out how much you can burn with your weight using this calculator.


Elbow to straight-arm plank

One of my personal favorites.

For this exercise, you want to start in a high plank, bring one forearm down, then bring the next. Repeat this and it will be sure to get your heart rate going and calories burning.


Crab Kicks and Mountain Climbers

Either mix them up like she did or do them separately, either way, you will sweat. For someone weighing 150 lbs, you can burn up to 12 calories per minute. Calculator found here.

For mountain climbers you can burn more than 10 calories per minute for someone weighing in at 130 lbs.

There is your easy quarantine routine with absolutely no equipment needed. If you’d like some more ideas, let me know! Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow for more quotes and tips!

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